polarigram.gif WORDPLAY
(September 2013)
window_halfopen.jpg do it: houston
(July 2013)
sculptureanim.gif Road Meditation
(March 2013)
programming.png Programming
(2006 to present)
installations.png Installations and Exhibitions
(2009 to present)
andrus.jpg Andrus Studios Archive
(2010 to present)
illustration.png Illustrations
(2005 to present)
threedee.png Other Art


tutoring.png Private Tutoring
(2009 to present)
wits.png Writers in the Schools
(2010 to present)
witscamp.jpg Creative Writing Camp
(2010 to present)
hcc.png HCC English Department
(2011 to present)
namelesssound.jpg Nameless Sound
(Summer 2012)


heshe.png @ They, Who Sound
bootowntile.jpg BooTown's Damn the Man
(November 2012)
itshappening.jpg It's Happening
(December 2011)
canyoncandy.jpg "Streets of Laredo" w/ Javelin (April 2011) porchtour.jpg Heights Porch Tour
(April 2010)
songsforporches.jpg Songs for Porches, Vol. 1
(July 2009)


meca.jpg Odysseus - A Film Collaboration SUPPORT NOW! meca.jpg Collaborative Writing Workshop @ MECA (Fall 2013) thetapeunwrapped.png A Cycle of of 3,401 Objects
(March 2013)
Recent Work
writeclique.png WriteClique Workshop
(May-July 2012)
ponies.png Let The Ponies Have Plenty Of Room (May 2012) odysseus.png The Will Of Odysseus In His Sleep Is Doom (Sept 2011) artswriting.jpg Arts Writing & Reviews
(2010 to present)
other.png Other Writing


consulting.png David A. Feil, LLC
Private Consulting
farm.png Volunteering with:
Sweet Acre Farm
shrimp.png Volunteering with:
Shrimp Boat Projects