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last updated Sunday, March 24, 2013

March 2013

Already Spring

A lot has been going on, to say the least...

My Road Meditation computer animation was projected as part of the final stop of Counter Crawl 7 in February 2013, and has been installed along with prints and a sculpture as part of a month-long exhibition for Main Street Projects. I was invited to perform twice in the They, Who Sound concert series in November 2012 and February 2013, and to read a new piece of computer-generated poetry at DiverseWorks Art Space as part of their exhibition houstontohouston by Franklin Evans in December 2012.

Most recently, I was approached to join an exciting film project based on my Odysseus chapbook. A longer post will come shortly, but the film will be directed by Bentley Brown, whose previous films have worked to expand the role of film across the world as a platform for artistic expression, particularly in places like Chad and Sudan where it struggles to survive.

October 2012

A Busy Month


A lot happened in October to be excited about. I've begun teaching with Writers in the Schools at the Houston Arboretum, helping to lead visiting students through lessons on nature writing. With the Da Camera project (see September's news), we wrapped up our lessons on John Cage to great success. I'm back at Clifton Middle School for a year-long residency and I will soon be starting an after-school writing project at St. Anne Catholic School. Additionally, I've become a regular instructor with Nameless Sound's creative music workshops at a handful of locations.

Aside from teaching, I had the opportunity to do a poetry reading at the Texas Contemporary Art Fair as part of the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Center's program of writers and musicians. I read an hour-long piece based on short noun phrases culled from a database of well-known poems found on the internet. I also began rehearsing with local theatre company BooTown on their new benshi production Damn the Man based on the film Empire Records. The show will run for three weeks in November.

September 2012

Back On The Bayou


The new school year has started and I'm back in Houston (with the A/C on) getting ready for another amazing round of tutoring, teaching, writing, and making art and music. An exciting new opportunity has already come up in the form of a collaboration between Writers in the Schools and local music organization Da Camera. Da Camera is developing a curriculum to teach the creative strategies of 20th-century composers John Cage and Steve Reich in Language Arts classrooms around the city and I have been asked to be the WITS writer-in-residence collaborating to lead classroom writing lessons and exercises. I can't wait to see what comes out of the partnership.

I have also begun to record some rough demoes of otherwise never-yet-recorded songs. For the curious:

August 2012

On The Farm Again


Last summer I spent about 6 weeks staying and working with my friends Jonathan Janeway and Charlotte Ross as they settled into their new lives managing a farm of their own. Sweet Acre Farm is the fruit of their labor. I was lucky enough to be able to go back for about 3 weeks this summer. In between picking kale, cleaning garlic, sorting tomatoes, making fresh salsas, and helping out at market, I was able to sneak the time to finish up this very website. I will be returning to Texas well-fed, well-exercised, and definitely less sunburnt than if I had stayed, which is about as good as I can hope for from a summer away. Also, a free t-shirt.

Jonathan and I have been friends since living together in Vienna almost ten years ago. Making my way back down the eastern seaboard, I stopped in NYC and caught up with another old friend from my time in Vienna, Ben, who has lately been playing music as one of The Homophones. Check them out!

July 2012

A Nice Change of Scenery


I spent the second half of July in Lake Clear, New York, enjoying the tranquil environs of the Adirondak mountains. Aside from hikes and kayak trips, I was able to start over from scratch on my Road Meditation project, making use of some HTML5 graphics tricks I learned from my work on the Polarized Ray Tracer in June. Aside from getting the road animation algorithms in a better state, I also began building the second piece of the project, currently called NESNature, which produces the 'natural' features of the environment using the tiles and pixel patterns from classic Nintendo Entertainment System games. To collect the tiles, I used a script that I had developed years ago that would dump the 8x8 4-color sprites from downloadable ROM files. Just from the test runs, the NESNature scripts have already produced over 30,000 unique images, which are delightful on their own. A lot of work remains in honing the interaction between these two parts of the project to create the sort of dynamic repetition-with-variation that was the original vision of the "meditation," but it was exciting to see so much come together so quickly.